Welcome to Al-Hidaayah Academy!

The school formally opened in September 2016 following years of planning and preparation. Now in its fourth academic year, it has grown and developed into a much admired institution.

Having been part of the initial discussions in 2016, I am very pleased to serve as Head teacher of such a fine school. Our mission remains, to educate a new generation of Muslim youth and to nurture their faith in an environment that has an Islamic ethos.

We continue, with our growing pupil numbers, to hire new staff and to develop the skills of our current staff. These teachers will ensure the delivery of a curriculum which draws upon best practice from varied curriculum resources.

Our commitment is to each and every student. We will develop their skills, build their confidence and nurture their faith. They will leave Al-Hidaayah with more than fond memories. We believe that in the years ahead, our alumni will look back upon the years spent here as the foundation of their success. We hope that our future leaders will contribute to our future development in the years ahead.

Our ethos and our small numbers make for a unique experience for our students. Every number of staff is committed to ensuring that our charges realise their potential and are happy and productive young adults.

As a family, we are growing together and face the future with a confidence born of faith.

We welcome your input and value your insights. Please feel free to send us comments and suggestions as you tour our site.

Kindest Regards,

Mr. Abdallah

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