About our School

Who We Are

We are a team of concerned parents and educators with a desire to initiate a much-needed revival of our Islamic heritage. This initiative is the establishment of a secondary school that will proffer a solution to a number of problems identified with the current state of our Ummah.

At Al-Hidaayah, a high value is placed on self-direction, personal responsibility, and self-discipline as a means for developing the self.  Our focus is not only the academic but also the spiritual and moral growth of our students.

Ms. Hameedah, Ag. Head Teacher

Our Ethos

Vision To be a centre of academic achievement that
nutures successful, confident and responsible
young leaders who are anchored by a firm
conviction in Allah and the tenets of islam.
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Mission To provide a safe and stimulating environment
that encourages life-long achievement, respect
for divine guidance, self-efficacy, acceptance
and appreciation of diversity. The school will
provide state of the art resources to enable
students to achieve academic excellence,
Islamic morals, responsibility and God-consciousness.
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Brand Essence Al-Hidaayah Academy’s brand essence
is portrayed thus: Accomplishment through
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Our Motto Aspire Read more Act Achieve
Career Al-Hidaayah Academy strives to create diversity
in the workplace while employing the most
qualified individuals for the roles available.
At no point in time will a majority applicant be
overlooked in favor of a less-qualified minority
applicant. An individual’s employment
opportunities will not be affected by their race,
ancestry, place of origin, religion, sex, age,
marital status, family status, pregnancy or disability.
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Our desire is to have our children develop into successful adults who make the beauty of Islam evident in every aspect of their lives. Our unique curriculum: 

  • Teaches our students practical working models of how to deal with current societal issues
  • Provides an exceptional brand that is forward-thinking and knowledge-rich. Our programs are based on the adoption of a unique blend of the Islamic, UK/Cambridge, and Nigerian Curricula alongside the International Baccalaureate programs. 
  • Combines additional excursions (local and International), short retreats, and courses with the regular subjects to expand the students’ horizons and further enhance the students’ development of leadership abilities, imbuement of Islamic values, acquisition of social skills, and acquirement of inter-faith dialogue aptitude. 
  • Provides vocational and language skills to each and every child. Arabic and French are mandatory and students are encouraged to study at least one other language, subject to their academic abilities. 
  • Enhances, through the personalized learning / Special Educational Needs program, learning opportunities for all so that each individual student is guided and assisted in attaining his or her full potential.
  • Provides an environment that cultivates the culture of Health and Safety in the students.
  • Includes mandatory participation in games and sports so as to provide all-around development in our students.


British curriculum (integrated with the Nigerian curriculum)

Year 7 (JSS1), Year 8 (JSS2) & Year 10 (SS1). 


Year 7 (child must be 11 by December of the school year). 

Year 8 (child must be 12 by December of the school year). 

Year 10 (child must be 14 by December of the school year). 

Tawhidseerah, hadith & fiqh. 

Yes. It is compulsory for all students.

7:30-8:30am – Monday-Friday.

Classes start at 7:30am and end at 4:00pm (MondayFriday).

Yes, but it is temporarily suspended. We will reopen in the future. 

Yes. Compulsory for Year 7-9 & optional for Year 10-12). 

Yes it is. It will be separated by gender in the near future. 

No. Al-Hidaayah is only a secondary school. 

Year 7 (JSS1) 

Year 8 (JSS2) 

Year 9 (JSS3) 

Year 10 (SS1) 

Year 11 (SS2) 

Year 12 (SS3) 


Founding Mums

The founders of Al-Hidaayah Academy are ordinary women who have a strong passion for the upbringing of all children. Our desire is to have our children develop into successful adults who make the beauty of Islam evident in every aspect of their lives. This, we understand, can only be sustained if they interact with others who also do the same, hence the decision to build a school. 

From our consolidated wealth of experience and knowledge, you can trust us to provide the Al-Hidaayah Academy team all the support required to develop your children into trustworthy, confident, purposeful, well-behaved, and reliable young adults. With a strong school/parent partnership, we believe we can establish a good foundation of knowledge, discipline, and sound moral ethics within which we can develop a strong network to groom our upcoming leaders of tomorrow.