Our Ethos

Vision To be a centre of academic achievement that
nutures successful, confident and responsible
young leaders who are anchored by a firm
conviction in Allah and the tenets of islam.
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Mission To provide a safe and stimulating environment
that encourages life-long achievement, respect
for divine guidance, self-efficacy, acceptance
and appreciation of diversity. The school will
provide state of the art resources to enable
students to achieve academic excellence,
Islamic morals, responsibility and God-consciousness.
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Brand Essence Al-Hidaayah Academy’s brand essence
is portrayed thus: Accomplishment through
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Our Motto Aspire Read more Act Achieve
Career Al-Hidaayah Academy strives to create diversity
in the workplace while employing the most
qualified individuals for the roles available.
At no point in time will a majority applicant be
overlooked in favor of a less-qualified minority
applicant. An individual’s employment
opportunities will not be affected by their race,
ancestry, place of origin, religion, sex, age,
marital status, family status, pregnancy or disability.
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